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Mohamed El Bahry

Bei der Deutschen Bahn, Production Monitoring

Siemens Berlin - Dynamowerk

Siemens Berlin - Turbinewerk

Freelancer Bureau of Inspection
A Second- and Third-Party Inspection Bureau
Technical and Manufacturing 2nd & 3rd party Industrial Inspection & Consultancy Services
  • Inspects and verifies that ordered products, machinery and equipment are manufactured in compliance with all specified purchase order requirements, Provides 3rd party independent services
  • Covers & Covered many European Countries for Industrial, Yacht & Boat Inspection, Damage & Evaluation Inspection Services.
  • Can act for your Society / Organisation / Factory or Company as "Industrial Inspector / Surveyor on behalf of yourselves" or for account of a third party.
  • Provides affordable inspection and prompt services and follow up complete projects from the startup meeting to delivery of the product.
  • For more information and contact details, please log on my Homepage, and if of interest, I will be pleased to receive your inquiry
Ask for daily rate, expenses and Fees, follow on to Daily Rate
3rd party Inspection
Why is 3rd party Inspection important?

  1. Third party Inspection is an extremely important part of the Construction and Industry.
  2. Inspection means that an independent organisation has witnessed and reviewed the manufacturing process of a particular product.
  3. It has been independently determined that the final product complies with safety, quality and performance standards which agreed with the purchaser / Clint.
Industrial 2nd and 3rd Party Inspection Service, Head office: Berlin, Germany,
E-Mail: Contact (at) Eurospect . de, established 2017, created 2017 and last update 16.04.2022,
Owner Dr. hc. Eng.: M. El Bahry
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