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Mohamed El Bahry

Daily Rate

Man-day Rate (all-inclusive)
  • Due to the recent Car Fuel exploding prices, Overnight, the distance and time spending on the Highway.
  • Inspection Duties, Travel Time allowance, Hotel overnights, Car fuel expenses, Reporting, Time & Office Works, Copying, Scanning, revising, etc.
Man-Day Rate:
  1. Basic Inspection Rate / Inspection Duties >> 400€
  2. Round Trip (RT) >>> 0.5 €/Km >> according to Google Map, rounding up to the next 50 or 100 KM, because of Jam, restriction areas or Traffic diversion.
  3. Travel Time allowance / Time spend on the highway (RT) >>> 40 €/Hr >> according to Google Map, rounding up to a full hour.
  4. If the distance moreover 200 Km in one way, then adding a €100 for overnight.
Industrial 2nd and 3rd Party Inspection Service, Head office: Berlin, Germany, Owner Dr. hc. Eng.: M. El Bahry
Contact (at) Eurospect . de, established 2017, created 2017 and last update 15.04.2023
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