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Mohamed El Bahry


60 Minutes
  • If I or an Inspector / a Surveyor do a job in more or less than 60 Minutes, it is because the Inspector spent more over than +30 years learning and working how to do that Job.
  • You (the client) owe me or any Inspector for the years of studying, working, Experience and trainings, not for that 60 Minutes.

Industrial Inspection & Consultancy Services
Verification, Inspection and Reporting on Industrial Components like engines, gear boxes, NDE, Hydraulic tests, Pressure & Mechanical Tests, Welding Inspection (Visual, Magnetic, Ultra Sonic, Penetration tests) etc. at manufacturer’s workshops.
Boat Survey of Damage and Evaluation of Price (Jacht / Yacht und Bootsschäden und Bewertung. Haftpflicht und Kaskogutachten).
is a completely independent agency who will supply information in the form of ascertainment or recommendations for the special purpose of contributing to the prevention of risks to which the principals of its services are exposed, and to help them insure the quality of their products.
EUROSPECT's services (hereinafter called the "Services") consist of work performed by EUROSPECT, including but not limited to:
  • FAT : Shop Inspection >> Factory Acceptance Tests
  • WI : Welding Inspection
  • IFI : Interim & Final Inspection
Industrial 2nd and 3rd Party Inspection Service, Head office: Berlin, Germany, Owner Dr. hc. Eng.: M. El Bahry
Contact (at) Eurospect . de, established 2017, created 2017 and last update 15.04.2023
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