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5 Minutes Video Highway

(EBI) EUROSPECT BUREAU OF INSPECTION (still under construction)  3rd Party Industrial Inspection, Bureau EurospectLiving as a Vendor Surveyor / Industrial InspectorVisiting German Companieson the German HighwaysHave a nice watching © Dipl.-Ing. : Mohamed El Bahry
When you work as a Vendor Surveyor or Industrial Inspector, you  have to Travell more and often,  every highway, every town, you may say you are Living on the Highways.
This is a Video made by me on the German Highways, Have a pleasure watching it
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Industrial 2nd & 3rd Party Inspection Service, Head Office: Berlin, Germany, E-Mail: Contact (at) , Created 2017, Last update 12.03.2021 © owner Eng.: Mohamed El Bahry
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